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There is much to accomplish – Alastair Creamer

Founder of Creamer & Co, living in East Sussex

Wednesday 1st April: I paint monthly calendars which go on the wall at home.  It’s where we put birthdays, concerts, theatre, holidays, visits etc. As I passed them this morning, it was time to take March down.  April is already up so I need to paint May and June. A 3 month run seems to suit us.  

Then I slumped – ‘What’s the point?  There’s no need for a calendar to remind us what’s coming up – NOTHING IS COMING UP!  Weekdays are the same as weekends. It’ll be depressing seeing all those empty boxes.’ (my mind rambled on in this vein for another minute.)  

And then something flipped.  

Sod it!  I’m going to paint the most beautiful, colourful calendars I can.  They’ll be glowing beacons of days, all 91 of them. They will be unmarked in the usual way but I’m going to find another use for them.  Imagine what I can do in that time – the books, the films, the songs, the conversations, the meals, the thoughts I’m going to have. These calendars could become a record of things done rather than things to come.   

I dig into the days themselves.  We have a pink Full Moon on Tuesday 7th April and a flower Full Moon on Thursday 7th May.  Friday 1st May (May Day) is also International Dawn Chorus Day.  I’ll be out there. Father’s Day on Sunday 21st June also happens to be International Day of Yoga.  A double celebration. I believe there’s such richness to come.  

There will be days and days and days like this.”  (David Hare, Plenty)