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We design creative programmes to embed culture change and transform working lives.

We can’t do what we do unless…

We deliver our work using the arts to inspire change and transform people’s working lives. Here is a short article, co-authored by Alastair Creamer and Professor Nancy Adler, which explains why the arts are so important to business right now.

‘Why the arts are so important – to business’


How we do this

Cultural Transformation

for businesses

I have never experienced a program that ignites sustainable behavior and mindset change the way Creamer & Co created in our business.

Culture Program Manager
Fortune 500 Company

Purpose & Identity

for brands

Our engagement began as an exercise to identify our brand DNA and turned into a multi-year relationship honing our brand insights and evolving our corporate culture in order to make our vision a reality. Creamer & Co always infuses our sessions with plenty of external inspiration while adapting their approach to meet our business objectives.

Director, Sustainable Business
Fortune 500 Company

Coaching & Team Development

for leaders

Alastair and his team have been trusted and valued members of the extended Global Media team family at Unilever for over 10 years. They bring creativity and inspiration to all they do for us and are able to understand and connect with our needs and messages seamlessly.

Luis Di Como
EVP Global Media, Unilever

Personal Development

for individuals

The experience of working with you was absolutely transformative.

A coaching client