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Why the arts are so important – to business

We deliver our work using the arts to inspire change and transform people’s working lives. Here is a short article, co-authored by Alastair Creamer and Professor Nancy Adler, which explains why the arts are so important to business right now.

How do we do this?

Cultural Transformation

Culture, within business, is the accumulation of small, everyday habits and actions – how we work and interact. It is leader-led and people driven. We work with the existing collective energy in a business and use it as a mobilising force for change. In our work there’s playfulness and challenge, the unexpected and the unforgettable.

Purpose & Identity

There is a hierarchy of questions which sit at the heart of a brand or business, and the most important of these is “Why”. Once you tap into your ‘why’, you unlock everything else. Having a clear sense of purpose pays dividends in giving people a sense of direction and momentum. We know how to get to your ‘why’.

Coaching & Team Development

The intricacies and demands of working at speed and under pressure result in opportunities for teams. Central to these is growth, whether that’s learning together, embracing new ways of working or leading with a sharper sense of purpose. For senior teams the challenge might be letting go, getting out of the way and releasing the talent around them.

Personal Development

We all reach a stage in our careers where we need to re-appraise where we are and where we’re heading. But what do you hold on to to navigate yourself through the choices and decisions you have to make? Eyes Wide Opened is a coaching platform to help you see wider possibilities for yourself.

Who do we do it for?

and they trust us to deliver.