The Challenge

The client raised its growth and innovation goals and realised they had to shift their culture as a result. Becoming a bolder business, therefore, became a corporate-level strategic priority. For that reason, we created a Bold Week to catalyse this cultural shift across a global workforce of 8,000. Our ambitious programme was the centrepiece of this campaign, aiming to enlist people and inspire behaviour change in the company.

The Details of the Bold Project


  • 46 workshops took place for teams of 30 people, running over 2 days for 18 months
  • 10 workshops were for international teams in Argentina, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and the UK
  • 1400 staff went through a Creamer & Co. workshop
  • 320 Bold Champions and Coaches came out of the workshops
  • 11 Executives went through workshops with their teams, as well as having a session of their own

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The Bold Workshops


The workshops were immersive sessions, which gave people the space to experience what being bold means and feels like for them. During Bold Week, individuals and teams aligned to specific “bold commitments” on their businesses. They then created personal commitments that supported these endeavours and incorporated them into their performance objectives.

We challenged leaders to behave and show up differently, encouraging bold behaviours in their teams as a result. This triggered several leadership lessons, including 1) Letting go and releasing the talent around them; 2) Living with uncertainty; 3) Receiving feedback from junior team members; 4) Showing vulnerability along with everyone else.

Following these workshops, several team members volunteered to be Bold Champions; striving to keep the Bold journey alive for their team.

The Bold Results

Bold Week drove significant strategic and practical improvement in the following areas:

  • 95% of employees have an awareness of the programme and can describe, in their own words, what bold behaviours look like in the workplace
  • 80% of employees now have a Bold priority in their performance objectives
  • There was a considerable increase in the annual employee engagement survey on the following attributes:

My manager creates an environment where innovative ideas are acted on

– My manager is receptive when I suggest new ideas

– In my department people are encouraged to take thoughtful risks

  • The CEO now holds quarterly follow-up sessions with Bold Team Leaders
  • The company’s Growth Culture online resources now contain a toolkit to develop bolder business behaviours
  • Bold behaviours are now measured in different programmes such as Inclusion & Diversity; Talent Strategy; Employee Engagement Survey; and Sales Growth targets

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Working with Creamer & Co. felt like a true partnership. Where other consultants in this space spoke as though there was only one way, (their way), to pursue this work, Creamer & Co. were willing to work with us to understand what would work best for our organisation, to stretch themselves and us in turn to deliver truly valuable results.
Vice President, Talent and Culture


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