How do you maintain energy, find inspiration and keep the momentum in Covid times?

When you’re scattered across a country as large as America, how do you create a sense of team-ship? A sense that we’re all moving in the right direction, particularly when the pandemic cuts into your business in the first place? Maintaining energy and inspiration became the challenge put to us by a business in the personal care space. The ‘daily grind’ was getting everyone down.

We’ve worked with this wonderful company for 10 years, so there exists a high level of trust, knowledge and experience between us.

 Business Objectives


  • Help us gain more energy and belief from re-connecting to our purpose.
  • Encourage bolder thinking, as we’ve become too inward-looking and safe.
  • Inspire us to re-imagine how we work together (a long-standing ambition of the company).

Culture Change Principles


Creamer and Co have some clear principles about business culture. We therefore never forget that any change in business culture requires a personal change. The ‘daily grind’, whilst felt individually, ladders up to be true at team and business level. Similarly, cultural change must flow across all levels.

To understand what a desired change looks and feels like, people must experience it first-hand. Therefore, if they are going to make an adjustment, they have to see the value of it for themselves. That personal insight alters how they see things and in turn impacts their actions. In other words, it has to work for them as well as for the business.

Some Examples of Content


Our role was to give people an experience of thinking on a different scale, without the constraints and baggage of their category. Therefore, we took them out of their world and into another business. The output was relevant to re-imagining how they work in these remote times. Imagine what they would need to have, in order to do their best work from home? This made it personal, whilst being relevant to the business and unlocking bigger ideas.

Unconstrained thinking is linked to several factors and one of those is the quality of the key question. As a result, we spent time honing this skill. Helping the team to ask better questions and think about where they could apply them (agendas, project updates, appraisals).

Having spent time broadening the range and scale of their thinking, we then brought the same techniques back to their business challenge. One of the methods we used was to bring in Miro – interactive whiteboard technology – so that everyone could see how other teams were tackling the same issue. That created a sense of transparency and momentum. In turn, instilling and maintaining energy and inspiration in the business.


Maintaining Energy and Inspiration in the Business: The Results


  • They generated lots of ideas for re-imagining how they work remotely.
  • They generated a plan for their core business challenge that went beyond what they started with. At the heart of it was their purpose and how it could be a springboard for immediate activity.
  • We left them with specific tools and techniques for thinking on a different, bolder scale which included asking better questions and curating more diverse stimulus.
  • We created an online “Living Wall” space for them to reflect, re-group, re-charge and re-align.

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