Be generous – Zena James

Senior PR advisor and jazz singer, living in London

It’s tempting to see ourselves as victims in Spring 2020. Victims of enforced change from ‘above’, victims of isolation and potential loneliness, victims of curbed freedom and victims of an almighty assault on our work landscape. 

But if you can enjoy the safety of a home you love, if you can somehow navigate the income-battering and if you have at least a partial hope of returning to work, this is an opening, not a victim-moment.  If you’re this lucky AND you’re not battling on the frontline, maybe this is your future narrative:

“Spring 2020 was a precious time to reconnect with neglected family and friends in real time – young and old, near and far. A passing chance to immerse myself in private escapes between work and caring endeavours, devouring long-anticipated books and rejuvenating dormant scrapbooks, unfinished songs, plays and paintings, long-silent piano sessions and uplifting garden/balcony/ sunny windowsill projects.  I gave more of myself to others and realised why I love the people and things I love.” 

I adore survival programmes and those documentaries about people attempting self-sufficient lives in some faraway isolated place. In a funny sort of way, we’re having to do that now. But for those of us who are safe at home in familiar communities, we CAN be resourceful. So let’s accept our new pace and space, and while we’re here, let’s find ways, big and small, to show our support for the heroes on the frontline.

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