Do what you can – David Long

Mindfulness and wellness champion, living in Surrey

After just two weeks in lockdown, I had to admit I was wallowing in the simplicity of it all.

For me this has become such a precious time, a time to really appreciate all that I have and what is truly important. No distractions, rushing around, traffic jams, trains, planes, meetings, lunches, dinners – now just peace and quiet, time to think, shank’s pony, home-cooking, the garden and a deep connection to my wife and home.

I quickly tired of being sheep-dipped in information. I now skim the news, just enough to stay in touch. The overload of derision, early on, was worrying me. My soul felt troubled and out of control. Now over the days, through meditation and contemplation, I find myself coming to a place of acceptance of this whole situation, it simply IS WHAT IT IS and no amount of worry on my part will change that. (My acceptance is greatly helped by some past advice from an esteemed teacher and friend who had noticed I was a worrier. He said ‘David just think of it like this, worrying is like praying for more of what you don’t want! Worry is a wasted emotion – so drop it.’  Since that time, I’ve really tried to walk this talk.)

Of course, I would change things if it were only possible. I would take away the suffering and hardship – that would be amazing – but no magic wand exists and as I can’t escape it all, I’m surrendering to an acceptance of the situation and this fills me with a deep sense of peace. I am learning to let go.

I listened to a talk by Susan David on emotional wellbeing and was struck by her words “The most effective way to transform your life is not by quitting your job and moving to an ashram, but by doing what you can with what you have, where you are”. This is exactly what I intend to continue to do; use this period of separation to rekindle those synapses of connection with those I hold dear, heighten my awareness of all that I am and to be expectant that everything will change for the better- as it was always meant to.

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