Have the courage to be uncomfortable – Paula Alexander

Director of Sustainable Business, Burt’s Bees, Clorox – living in North Carolina

As we teeter between now and next and before we can possibly predict the post COVID-19 world, I am filled with hope that we can hit a ‘reset’ button for our world. It’s part of my job, after all, to play the long game building sustainability into our brands and businesses and towards a goal of responsible production and consumption.

During this time, we get a taste of what a world could look like with fewer emissions, less pollution, more connections and concern for community, more concern for the waste we’re producing and more cognizant of what we consume, how quickly we use it up and how to make it last. If we want to have a world that’s livable for thriving future generations, we have to have the courage to be uncomfortable and the creativity to make the best changes lasting. 

We will need to work together like never before. Our global interconnectedness and therefore responsibility is evident.

Is it a coincidence that this virus affects our throat and lungs? The places in our energy bodies that are blue and green, vishuddha and anahata? The places of healing, of breath, of listening, of speaking our truths, the centre of dreams? On this beautiful, blue, green planet where we are all suffering and fighting for life, our focus on sustainability can get us through the darkest days, give us something to dream about and give us hope in these CV Times.

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