Inward reflection – Letesia Gibson

Founder of New Ways, living in Ibiza

It’s Day 18 of ‘confinamiento’ or lockdown, as I write this from my home in Ibiza. I moved to Spain 6 months ago and being in a new country during a crisis brings up all kinds of reflections about what ‘home’ really means to you. I’ve realised I feel very safe here. It’s reinforced my sense of belonging, which is a wonderful confirmation in uncertain times. 

It’s interesting being two weeks ahead of the UK in this lockdown, I get to almost look back in time. Although here we don’t have permission to go out for daily exercise, which is now starting to take a toll on the community.

I’m naming this third week The Deep Week, because it feels distinctly different to those gone by. In the first week especially, there was frenetic energy and positive framing of Covid-19. We joined all the online groups, filled diaries with zoom dinners, drinks and quiz nights with family and friends. We were sharing pictures of pollution free waters in Venice. We were zealous in our plans of how we’d use the time for me, for us, for the family. There was anxiety, overwhelm but also a sense of novelty for the enforced slowing down. 

What I notice about The Deep Week is this energy is flatter and less dynamic. We’ve all gone inward. 

Some things feel harder, but you also care less, which makes things easier too. 

We’re having to surrender to what is, and there is a kind of calm in not having to live up to expectations.  

People are seeing the truths of their lives, their needs and what makes them happy.

People are really feeling the need for a space to process our feelings about what is happening in the world. 

And because we are all talking about this, there is a beautiful thing emerging – a really deep sense of connectivity.  It really moves me.

These are the conversation threads of my chats with friends today: 

“I realised I have a tendency to shut myself off from connecting to others and when this is over I am going to be more open to new things.”

“I realised that all of my happiness comes from my work and being at home with the kids has shown the cracks in home life.”

“I am finding it hard to see the inequalities in the world being under the spotlight right now. I keep crying about India.”

What’s helping me is to let myself feel all the feelings, to savour the wisdom people have to share and talk about them with my friends and family. 

I think this is a beautiful time for reconnection to who we are and to knowing what we truly value in the world.

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