Let Go. Notice More. Use Everything – Lizzie Palmer

Brand consultant, facilitator and improv expert, living in London

As my wise, resilient and coping-brilliantly-Dad says, “This too shall pass.”  

Of course, things will never be the same and there is lots we need to let go of.  I’ve been working with the principles of improvisational theatre for sometime, and never more have I needed it. Some of the practices well summarised by Robert Poynton are: Let Go. Notice More. Use Everything.  What a joy it is to continue to work with these and really embrace them to adapt and change.

Letting go is one of those I am using the most, along with being really present (notice more) and trying to be fit and well.  I’m having to let go of a lot of things I am used to. Having my space to myself, my expectations – my work is much reduced – so I am letting go of that and embracing doing new and different things.  

I’m letting go of my classic work routine, morning used to be when I worked best, and instead I am taking Zoom yoga classes, walking and keeping fit in the mornings.  I’ve taken  an online  Life Drawing  class in the evening, and I am letting go of being face to face with clients, friends and relatives and embracing Zoom, Facetime and even the old fangled phone.

I’m keeping in touch via WhatsApp and letting go of wearing work clothes in favour of loose comfortable ones, unless I’m on a video conference call!  I’m embracing the constraint of cooking what is in the fridge (use what you have)  and loving that.  

I’m letting go of busy, and embracing this long pause.  Though it is weird how time stretches, flexes and shrinks.  Three hours can pass in a blink of an eye, whilst the time between lunch and a cup of tea can seem like an eternity.

I’m enjoying letting go of having to be in charge and what might be seen as ‘busy productive’, allowing time to absorb, think and let the subconscious do its brilliance. I’m letting go of control (or the illusion of it). There are many things I cannot control so I am focusing on what I can.

I’m enjoying letting go of being an extrovert and my introversion is (ironically) coming out.

I am staying cheerful and enthusiastic, oh and another piece of great advice, only look at one news channel once a day.

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