Maos @ Blue Mountain School

This was a big event on an intimate scale.  On the night we went, 10 lucky people (we were 2 of them) sat round one long table and were served 16 courses.  Alex, Eddie, Sarah and a host of chefs moved around us like worker bees producing nectar.  There was an atmosphere of calm authority and we were carried along on a culinary cloud in which time (and cost) were secondary to the succession of mind-blowing tastes and explorations.

“Beef fat aged lobster, red gooseberries and cherry tomatoes” (course No 8) is like saying “Visit the Lake District”.  It’s a set of instructions.  Tasting it, and then having that linger on your tongue and in your memory for days afterwards, is similar to walking in the Lakes on a sun-filled Autumn afternoon.  The experience ingrains itself in your mind.

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