Newfound perspectives reveal potential for growth – Todd Harrington

Creative Associate with Creamer & Co, living in New York

As Rumi said, “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” And if this global pandemic has taught us anything already, it’s that we have little control over much of our lives. So, we now are faced with the challenge of embracing this “new normal”, and letting go of the fallacy of “control”.  On the surface, it terrifies us, but it also opens up a new door for us to examine some of our well-aged, even stagnant habits and beliefs we’ve latched onto for too long. And with this newfound perspective we may discover some untapped strengths that have been waiting patiently in the wings for the chance to step front and centre stage in our lives. 

On the theme of releasing control, I’ve been reading about schools that do best in standardized testing.  They focus the least amount of time on the test itself.  Most schools want to control the outcome, so they focus on teaching to the test.  But the data shows these schools don’t do that well.  The schools that do best have the mindset that kids have to be smart to do well, so they focus on how to make the kids smart.

Of course, for many of us, letting go of our old habits in light of this new world we’ve been thrust into will certainly be challenging. But just like the caterpillar that lets go of its old life, and changes into a new, beautiful butterfly, we too can change and let go of what we can’t control. And from that, we get to redefine what it is we want moving forward— both personally and professionally.

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