Structure can help – John Almond

Creative consultant, trainer and coach, living in Exeter

I live in a flat. A small flat. Not tiny, but small.

To help alleviate any sense of being trapped, I’ve divided my flat into six zones and created a distinct mood for each.

Space 1 is my work zone – clean, tidy and purposeful whilst being surrounded by appropriate stimulus. Space 2 is my relaxation zone – an entertainment centre full of books – not forgetting my chess board. I now play online with some guy who lives in Vietnam. Space 3 is my exercise zone. I’ve created a home gym made out of washing up liquid bottles, cereal packets and loo rolls (only joking regarding loo rolls). Online sessions with my PT are incorporated. Space 4 is my cooking and eating zone. I’ve given my microwave away to someone more in need. Space 5 is my body zone (I’m suddenly thinking that this should  appear in Private Eye’s Pseuds Corner!). Space 6 is the sleeping zone.

I’ve made the zones more distinctive by only playing particular types of music in each zone. Chemical Brothers in the exercise zone works for me. I’m also experimenting with different scents and lighting.

Another thing. To stop any sense of self pity I watch a nature programme every evening. Last night was an episode of Blue Planet 2. If a penguin has to swim 80 km every day to get food for its chicks whilst avoiding getting gobbled up by a seal, I can manage to restrict my hitherto selfish food shopping habits.

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