Collective. Experience.

Culture is built on how individuals work together to deliver your strategy. It’s a collective endeavour that’s built on human interaction. Every colleague contributes small behaviours that add up to form your culture, so building identity and a sense of belonging is at the heart of collective experience.

Vibrant cultures generate positive energy. Any form of change will need increased energy. and commitment. The good news is that energy is renewable and transferable. We’ll work with your colleagues at all levels, activating ideas and firing cultural change.

Find out more in these three examples of our work and thinking in the area of the collective experience:

How do you work differently to support your people?

By welcoming and supporting new ideas, embracing new ways of working, and challenging norms. Our Bold programme helped more than 1400 employees become bolder in their decision-making by delivering over 40 two-day immersive experiences. We made it personal, asking how being bolder would benefit each person in their personal lives. We even partnered with NASA to create films that sparked imaginations.

Following the success of the Bold programme we worked with the marketing team to do a deeper dive, exploring what makes a good manager and a good marketer, based around what makes a human-centred leader. We ran a series of skills workshops around habits and listening. The marketing leadership team put themselves in the spotlight in a series of one-to-one interviews about their leadership experiences. Then we created a scheme of informal pods of staff who meet regularly in small groups; keeping the skills and spirit of the creative workshops aflame. 

Recognised as the most innovative, arts-based programme of cultural change within business, Catalyst was an award-winning internal creative programme. At its heart was the integration of two businesses, Lever Brothers and Elida Faberge, within Unilever UK. Unilever is one of the largest advertisers in the world and its ability to brief and critique creative work was paramount.

By running creative skills workshops, artist-in-residence schemes, innovation ideathons and courses to unleash the creativity of emerging leaders, we helped adapt and evolve the working environment. And to fashion a new set of values for the combined business.

“We were a business that needed to find new possibilities and new ways forward.” Keith Weed, former Marketing Director

Watch Keith’s entire feedback video – here

Think. Bigger.

Company culture is hard to define. And that can make changing it seem difficult.

That’s where we come in.

We define your company culture as the collective energy of your people. It can be fragile – but get it firing and it powers real change, helping you and your business to thrive.

Using the power of creativity and hands-on experience, we’ll help you think sideways, and find surprising ways to unlock your collective energy.

Then we’ll suggest ways you can direct that energy, creating momentum and enthusiasm that cascades success throughout your team or organisation – and out into the world.


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