New Music: Let’s Eat Grandma

Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth have been Let’s Eat Grandma for 6 years.  They’re 19 and have two albums to their name.  On a lovely Friday afternoon, their set finished with Donnie Darko, an 11 minute track.  This is a sophisticated, slow-burn of a number – it’s not just a ‘song’.  It builds and grows and then tails away. I bought them some vegan carrot cake afterwards (it’s a long story).

It’s so exciting to come across two musicians who could literally go anywhere with their music.  They could write pop songs or symphonies, jingles or film scores.  They have an imagination that circles the world.  They like clapping games, lying on the floor mid-song, dancing.  To ground all this, they’ve experienced loss (Jenny Hollingworth’s boyfriend died earlier this year and they cancelled their US tour).

I have new music coming out of my ears but these young women have stood out.  It’s not always perfect and there are some aspects I might change, but they cut through because they are taking risks and making big statements.  They have a lot to say.

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