Singing with Nightingales

I cannot remember another occasion when my senses were so cranked up. Sam Lee has been holding these evenings for years. The pace and staging is informal and unfolding. From the moment we come across white anenomes in the woods (a sign of ancient woodland, they grow at a snail’s pace compared to bluebells), I let go and embrace whatever comes my way. When we reach the place, the nightingale sings, a glorious sentence, pauses, then sings an entirely different sentence. Sam sings back. It’s a conversation rather than a duet, a reply, a question, a chat.

Our sensorial range at work is pretty limited. For many years we’ve been encouraged not to bring our selves to work, not to explore and express ourselves, not to go into the far reaches of our senses. Times are a-changing and with them, workspaces. How we work together now draws on more of who we are, our full emotional range. Those sensorial tentacles are stretching themselves!

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