The personal journeys we’re asked to manage are as valuable as the collective experience because culture is leader-led and people-driven. If you can lead with consistency and clarity, your people will follow your cues and your culture will thrive.

We’re a highly collaborative business partner. We think together with our clients because culture must be owned from within, not imposed from the outside.

Explore three examples of our work and thinking in the area of personal journeys:

How do you maintain your vision and values in the face of competition and change?

We’ve had the honour of working with Burt’s Bees leadership for over 10 years. The business has a very strong culture underpinned by its clear purpose and values. Each leaders’ role in maintaining this clarity is where we’ve contributed most. We’ve helped navigate the cultural integration with their parent company whilst retaining their distinct identity. And we’ve played a part in keeping their culture fresh and relevant through leadership team work, workshops, events and publications.

Their willingness to regularly review their culture is a shining example, and we’re proud to have played a role in enabling leaders to fully live the culture.

Think. Bigger.

Are you nurturing the difference makers who can change your organisation at all levels?

Difference makers are people within an organisation who spot a problem and go out of their way to fix it. They can come from any level of an organisation and they’re motivated only by the desire to make things better. They’re a huge source of untapped potential and often only find a voice for their idea and support from management accidentally. What if you had a way to spot these people, to encourage them and to support them to achieve meaningful change? We’ve worked out their DNA, what makes them tick and how you can find and support them.

What have you been put on this planet to do? What sits at the centre of your world? What drives you to do what you want to do? These questions begin the journey of discovering your personal purpose.

For leaders, knowing your purpose is often the missing link to strong, engaged leadership. It’s the central piece of your character.

Over nine questions we guide your thinking so you can arrive at your Living Landscape – a visualisation of all your best qualities and strengths, the big experiences that have shaped you, your values and role models, your passions and achievements.

These journeys can be taken online or in person and are completed either in small groups or individually.

All our clients are united by a willingness and humility to embrace change. Our work helps them see themselves differently and to enhance their impact and value to those around them in the workplace.


If your organisation is grappling with change please get in touch.

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