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Unilever Media

How do you operate when your world is changing so fast?

The constant evolution of the Media team’s function means that many people’s roles are constantly reinventing themselves. What anchors them is a strategy which has remained consistent over 9 years. During that time we have shaped their regular conferences and virtual meetings. We’ve moved away from information exchange and into inspiration and learning events, testing new ideas, developing different ways of communicating and exploring worlds beyond their own.

In these remote times, how do we register and communicate the changes in our leadership? 

We have worked with the UK Marketing leadership team over the past five years, helping them develop and hone their leadership. We have done this through large, all function inspirational away days and smaller leadership-team only sessions.

More recently we have continued this leadership-team work developing an online workshop to explore leading in a remote world. Leadership Profiles (LPs) is an exercise in reflection, articulation and memorability which was central to this workshop. 

Before the session, each manager selected a musician they admired and a corresponding album.  On the day, we asked them to reflect on how their leadership has changed over these times, and choose five words to describe that leadership.   Then we invited them to talk about their five words and link them to the musician and album.

The link to the musician gave added thoughtfulness to their reflection, creating connections between how they lead and a person they admire.  Having a visual element (the album cover) to the exercise played a key role in helping people remember each colleagues’ description.  They were encouraged to share their words and image with their own teams and to ask them to reciprocate.  

It is a playful yet purposeful way to explore important truths.

"Alastair and his team at Creamer & Co. are experts in getting arts executives to realise their potential. They are inspiring, motivating and supportive coaches, who understand the unique needs of cultural organisations and their leaders. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
Sean Michael Gross, Director/Global Head of Strategy & Innovation
Askonas Holt

When you’re at the top, how do you stay at the top?

Askonas Holt is one of the leading classical music agencies in the world and we work with the senior leadership team, individually and collectively. Our coaching supports the company in their drive to provide the most advanced service to their clients.

When you’re creating experiences for others, how do you inspire yourselves?

Their world, be it rock and roll set design or entertainment architecture, is at the cutting edge of an industry that is constantly seeking to expand the live experience. We coach the partners in developing their leadership expertise.