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What We do

Culture, within business, is the accumulation of small, everyday habits and actions – how we work and interact. It is leader-led and people driven. We work with the existing collective energy in a business and use it as a mobilising force for change. In our work there’s playfulness and challenge, the unexpected and the unforgettable.

Cultural Transformation

Case Studies

What got us here, won’t get us there

Marshall Goldsmith

Bold (Fortune 500 Company)

How do you become bolder as a business? 

We devised and delivered over 40, 2-day, Bold immersions involving 1400 employees. The focus was on behaviour change – helping people become bolder in their decision-making, welcoming and supporting new ideas, embracing new ways of working, and challenging norms. We made it personal (‘How will it benefit you to be more bold in your life?’) and the participants created a network of Bold coaches and champions to keep the flame alive. We partnered with NASA, a model of boldness, in the making of two special films for this programme.

Catalyst at Unilever

How do you create a flagship cultural change programme?

Catalyst was an internal creative programme that ran from 1999-2008.  It won numerous awards and in its time was recognised as the most innovative, arts-based programme of cultural change within business.  At its heart was the integration of two businesses, Lever Brothers and Elida Faberge, within Unilever UK.  Unilever is one of the largest advertisers in the world and its ability to brief and critique creative work was paramount.  To do this we ran creative skills workshops, artist-in-residence schemes, ‘Unleashed’ courses for emerging leaders and innovation ideathons.  We helped adapt and evolve the working environment, fashioning a new set of values for the combined business.

Danone Waters

How do you get ready for transformation?

Danone Waters has an exciting purpose and sustainability agenda. There is pride around what they have achieved and realism around the work to be done. We staged an evening of transformation for their global marketing team. We also introduced them to Amy and Ella Meek, the young co-founders of Kids Against Plastic. Amy and Ella are mentored by Creamer & Co and they have given two keynote speeches at different Danone Waters conferences which has evolved into an on-going relationship with these articulate and passionate young campaigners.