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We all reach a stage in our careers where we need to re-appraise where we are and where we’re heading. But what do you hold on to to navigate yourself through the choices and decisions you have to make? Eyes Wide Opened is a coaching platform to help you see wider possibilities for yourself.

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Leap and the net will appear.

Julia Margaret Cameron

Eyes Wide Opened

When you’re at a professional crossroads, where do you go?

We launched Eyes Wide Opened (EWO) in 2012 and have worked in schools, universities and on a one-to-one basis with 1000s of graduates and professionals who are stuck. We created a model – 6 Signature Strengths – that people use to develop their self-awareness and focus on what matters to them and what brings them alive.  Alongside this is their Living Landscape – a visual version of their CV that covers values, qualities and characteristics alongside skills, talents and experience. Our practice involves coaching, leading workshops and weekend courses and delivering talks to kick start people’s journey towards finding work worth living for.