Think. Bigger.

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"

Simon Sinek


Purpose & Identity

Case Studies


When your brand becomes part of a bigger business, how do you establish your identity?

Our client is a family of brands within the vitamins, minerals and supplement category. We worked with the senior team to find the sweet spot between the past and the future. We used the legacy and history of some of the brands and combined this with the forward-looking focus of their new parent business to establish a unique identity for them as part of a wider family. As with all pieces of work, we spend more time planning than delivering. In this instance, we spent a week talking to all the senior stakeholders and this shaped the agenda for the 3-day workshop. 

Burts Bees

How do you maintain your vision and values in the face of tough competition?

Our client is a sustainably-led natural personal care brand. Its strength as a brand comes from its total commitment to its founding vision and values which we helped shape and illuminate through events, workshops and publications dating back 9 years. Over that time we’ve worked together on business purpose and values, the development of the marketing studio, cultural integration with their parent company, Bold workshops as well as further creative sessions. 

William Grant

How do you create a culture of innovation that’s fast moving?

We have worked with several brands, some very new, others very established and a few that are making their mark. Our role has been to challenge, explore new avenues and push them beyond existing assumptions. As such we’ve been asked to create unusual events that hothouse new approaches – from dinners to walking tours, tasting and fragrance sessions, introducing people from completely different worlds to inspire and expand their thinking. Our purpose has been to flip people’s minds.