Creative. To the core.

Courage is contagious

Brene Brown

Core Team

Alastair Creamer

Alastair was the driving force behind the award winning Catalyst programme at Unilever. Motivated by the belief that everybody is creative, he empowers people and businesses to employ an artful approach to serious problems and finds the world a better place for it.

“I was educated as a musician and when I chose to stop playing, I discovered other creative channels – acting, directing, writing and painting. It’s from all these worlds that I’ve developed my network of creative partners. I’ve also inherited my father’s love of handwriting. I founded and developed Catalyst at Unilever, an innovative in-house programme of creative training and inspiration. I ran it for seven years before co-founding my own business to take the approach into all manner of organisations. Before all that I spent twelve years in the arts and a further six in other businesses (including Sainsbury’s first Arts Sponsorship Manager) with a stint as Dean of Faculty at the London College of Music and Media. All these experiences come together in our work at Creamer & Co.”

Emma Haigh

Senior Producer

Emma brings her top-level production skills to our busy office. With a background spanning over 18 years in the media industry, including work with Big Finish, Blast Theory, Kudos Film and TV and the BBC,  she masterminds our projects and works closely across all aspects of the business. 

Her freelance work has seen her taking on a wide variety of roles for some of the UK’s most successful, innovative and high-profile creative organisations.

When not spinning the plates of producing she loves nothing more than singing with the talented and crazy ladies of Amersham A Cappella, going to the theatre, cooking, gardening and walking her second best friend, Monty, the springiest of springer spaniels.

Eloise Maxwell

Senior Producer

Eloise’s experience spans the worlds of contemporary art, design, academia and education. Her postgraduate studies in art history and curating have given her a deep-seated appreciation for all things visual, while her work supporting small organisations and startups in a range of industries leaves her well equipped for the busy and varied environment at Creamer & Co.

When she’s not supporting the team, you can find her wandering around an art gallery or clambering up a wall at her local climbing gym. 


Todd Harrington

US Associate

Todd leads Creamer & Co.’s US endeavor.  With the steady interest in workplace culture on the rise, the time is right to introduce more companies in the US to the unique Creamer & Co. way of transforming culture through creativity.

Todd is a seasoned storyteller and marketing strategist with over 25 years of experience in business development, creative and strategic marketing, and leadership management. He’s a true believer that creativity is an essential part of every person’s life, making creativity a critical part of a company’s culture in today’s work place. You could say, Todd’s innate understanding of culture and creativity  has been nurtured over decades of working across a broad range of industries, including traditional advertising (Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, Y&R and others), digital media, performance arts and entertainment.  He has a successful track record for delivering innovative, long-term solutions to an extensive list of small and Fortune 500 clients in an authentic, thoughtful, and nurturing way.

When time allows, Todd turns his storytelling pleasure to the world of children’s book writing, having penned and published two books: “What Are Trees For?” and “My Friend the Moon.”

Leadership Advisory Board

Professor Nancy J. Adler

Nancy J. Adler, S. Bronfman Professor Emerita in Management at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, consults and conducts research on global leadership, cross-cultural management, and the arts and leadership. She has authored more than 150 articles, written and edited ten books, and produced several films. Her International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior book has more than a half million copies in print in multiple languages. Dr. Adler consults with major global companies and government organizations on projects worldwide.

She is a Fellow of the Academies of Management and International Business and has received numerous international awards. Canada honored Nancy as one of the country’s top university professors and inducted her into the Royal Society of Canada. Nancy is also a visual artist and has been an artist in residence at The Banff Centre. Her art exhibition, “Reality in Translation: Going Beyond the Dehydrated Language of Management” received worldwide press attention. Her paintings, monotype prints, and ceramics are held in private collections worldwide.

Paul Preston

After a career in a consumer goods company, Paul started a collaboration with Alastair in 2012, when they launched Eyes Wide Opened. Paul, an accountant by profession, has held a number of roles, ranging from finance, human resources and general management. These have taken him and his family to Holland, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal and a number of UK locations.

He now works on an eclectic group of projects ranging from Stufish, an Entertainment group, Tignum, a high-performance people business, special needs schools and an ice cream business in Mumbai. Living now between the UK and Portugal, Paul remains fascinated with business and people, helping both to discover themselves and find roles that excite and reward them. His belief in humanity, and his optimistic outlook on life, is apparent to all that meet and work with him. His wife, Gill, keeps him grounded and real.

Doug Milliken

Doug has spent 33 years as a VP Marketing at The Clorox Company based in Oakland, California. He leads Clorox ’s digital transformation efforts as VP Marketing Transformation. Throughout his career, Doug has focused on building and continually innovating the Company’s brand building model, helping Clorox’s portfolio of brands sustain superior performance over decades.

Doug also has a passion and deep background in transforming organisational culture. He co-leads Clorox’s Enterprise Culture initiatives, leading the charge to evolve the Company to become simpler, faster, and bolder. His work led him to Creamer & Co, first as a client and now as an advisor.

Doug’s worked in Brand Management, Market Research and Advertising, and as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. He’s currently working with Alastair to research how individuals with little formal authority are able to make transformative impact in organisations – a group of people he calls “Difference Makers.”

& Co

Hans Hansen

Richard Mullender

Founders, Kids Against Plastic

Amy & Ella Meek

Global Leadership, Ceramicist & Artist

Nancy Adler

Film and Theatre Producer

David Parfitt

Entrepreneur and Mentor

David Long

Plants Man and Horticulturist

Ben Cole

Business Psychologist and Artist

Anna Sundt

Life Coach and Retreat Leader

Letesia Gibson

Writer, Coach and Storyteller

Julie Batty

Branding and Marketing Hack

Jim Geikie

Brand & Innovation Thinker and Artist

Jess Blandford

Head of Taste, Cawston Press

Micah Carr-Hill

HR Specialist

Kate Bursey

Puppeteer and Performance Maker

Matt Hutchinson

Designer and Artist

Kacper Hamilton

Ocean Rower, Speaker and Author

Roz Savage

Global Improv Guru and Author

Neil Mullarkey

Independent Director

Paul Preston

Film Maker and Video Designer

Nick Hillel

Founder, Roundtable Global and Author

Tiffany Kelly

Expert on Listening

Richard Mullender

Artist and Reader at the RCA

Rut Blees Luxemburg

PR Specialist and Jazz Singer

Zena James

Narrative Theory Storyteller

Hans Hansen

Creative Communicator and Design Artist

Sophie Thomas

Artist & Creative Director

Tom Homewood

Transformative Coach, Creative Catalyst & Presence-based Therapist

Leonie Gordon

Mask-maker & Workshop Leader

Charlotte Dillon

Executive Leadership Coach

Lynn Blades

Chef, Social Entrepeneur & Champion of the Homeless

Simon Boyle


Sarah McCartney

Coach and Behavioural Expert

Alison Johnston

Writer, Neuroscience Specialist & Japanese Expert

Jenni Newcombe

Brand Storyteller

Anna Creed